Our service partners provide also assistance for companies' business tax compliance and advisory needs in order to achieve sustainable tax strategies that improve the business growth. The services that are presented above are only some portion of the services that our service providers assist, please also find other services as below;

· Keeping legal books that would be in compliance with legislation enforced under General Accepted Accounting Principles,
· Accounting and Financial Reporting Services,
· Accounting system installation and revision services,
· Issuing and certifying tax declarations,
· Accounting support services
· Auditing and reporting the compliance of accounting processes and transactions to tax legislation,
· Control and Revision services, · Expertise services
· Issuing payrolls in compliance with the legislation enforced,
· Issuing monthly premiums of Social Security Institution,
· Making other Social Security Institution declarations
· Consulting and compliance services according to local tax legislation,
· International tax consulting and tax planning services,
· Consulting, comprehensive analysis and reporting services related to transfer pricing application,
· Compliance and risk control (Due Diligence) services,
· Technical support services concerning issues between taxpayer and tax administration (reconciliation, disputes , etc.)


- Work permit fees for 2015, have been published in www.csgb.gov.tr

- The total volume of the property that foreigners can buy in Turkey cannot exceed 30 hectare.