This service starts before the arrival of the transferee to Turkey. A questionnaire will be sent to the transferee by an e-mail in order to have an idea about the preferences of the family. (number of kids, house preferences, leisure activities of family members etc.) Meanwhile, we would like to meet the contact person from the company in order to have an idea about the budget (rent limit, etc), payment terms of the rent, determining the paid and non-paid house expenses and discuss about other specifications if any.

After collecting all these information, we will form a short list of the possible areas and houses. On the set dates, we provide assistance viewing of possible rental properties which best suits the budget and the requirements. We work with professional, reputable and licensed independent real estate agents. Finally, after the transferee and family has decided on the property, we will provide assistance for the final negotiations and finalize the home search.

- Work permit fees for 2015, have been published in

- The total volume of the property that foreigners can buy in Turkey cannot exceed 30 hectare.